About us

At Leggings.LA we provide leggings for women who need high quality lifestyle and activewear. We ship (worldwide) but focus on the United States of America. 

We are a US company. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!!! We started our company because we saw certain communities and even certain online influencers clearly lacked a large variety of leggings to choose from. 

You could tell from their online profiles. It wasn't their fault. Local offline retailers who sell leggings keep their inventory variety down to just a few basic leggings on purpose to keep from taking up room in their stores.

The truth is there's a huge variety made by different legging manufactures around the world. That's when we started reaching out to them to get access to the rest of their inventory and Leggings.LA was born.

We know no woman like wearing the same few styles of leggings over and over so we're here to help you switch up your look whenever you feel like it. We ship right to your mailbox. Go ahead. Amaze everyone with beautiful leggings everyone else haven't seen yet!